FAQ: How Much Does It Cost To Visit Gallarus Oratory?

You can visit the chapel for free, but the nearby visitor centre has a small entrance fee if you want to learn more about this historical site. About 1 kilometre away, you can also visit the ruins of the 16th-century Gallarus Castle.
Gallarus Oratory, Dingle Tickets From$387.78

Is gallarus oratory free?

This is completely free to access and it’s open 24/7.

What was the gallarus oratory used for?

While the building may well have served as an oratory, or small chapel, Harbison believes that Gallarus and others of the Dingle clocháin were also used as temporary housing for pilgrims arriving for visits to holy sites nearby.

How old is the gallarus oratory?

The Gallarus Oratory is a crude stone church believed to have been built between the 6th and 9th centuries, and is still in remarkably unchanged condition. Constructed out of cut blocks of local sandstone, the 17-foot tall oratory is the best preserved early church of its kind in Ireland.

When was gallarus oratory built?

Gallarus Oratory, in Ballydavid County Kerry, was built between the seventh and eighth century and is the best preserved early Christian church in Ireland. It represents the apogee of dry-stone corbelling, using techniques first developed by Neolithic tomb makers.

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How was gallarus oratory built?

Gallarus Oratory is the most perfect example of the ‘Boat shaped’ oratories associated with the Dingle peninsula. These structures are shaped like an upturned boats and were built using the ancient corbeling technique. The church is c. 6.85 metres long x 5.75 metres externally.

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