How To List Public Speaking On Linkledin?

7 Ways To Use LinkedIn To Land Speaking Gigs

  1. Add “Public Speaker” To Your Headline.
  2. Use Keywords Related To Your Expertise.
  3. Show Off Your Expertise In Your Summary.
  4. Create A Job Description For “Public Speaker”
  5. Ask For Recommendations.
  6. Embed Speaking Videos.
  7. Blog On LinkedIn About Your Speaking Experience.

Where do you list public speaking on LinkedIn?

To ensure your success, I’m going to give you the five essential locations that you can list speaking engagements on LinkedIn.

  • #1 Work Experience.
  • #2 Professional Summary.
  • #3 Business Page.
  • #4 LinkedIn Newsfeed.
  • #5 Honor Section.

How do I list a presentation on LinkedIn?

Can I Add a Presentation to my LinkedIn Profile?

  1. Login to LinkedIn and choose Edit Your Profile.
  2. In between your main profile box and your summary, there will be a New Add Sections option.
  3. Click the +Add Sections link.
  4. You will see a number of options under Sections and Applications.

Where do I add speakers on LinkedIn?

There are a few starting places. You could showcase them in your summary, as part of a specific job, or as a separate job listing as a speaker. Another option is to use one of the Accomplishments sections.

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How do I connect with guest speakers on LinkedIn?

You’ll find this tool in the righthand sidebar when you visit the LinkedIn profiles of people you aren’t yet connected with. If you see you have a mutual connection with a speaker, reach out to that person and see if they’d be willing to make an email introduction so you can connect with the speaker ahead of time.

Do you put conferences attended on LinkedIn?

How do you list conferences on LinkedIn? There’s no specific section for attended conferences in the LinkedIn profile. You could add them to the text summaries associated with the positions you held at the time. Or you could even add them to your headline.

Can you add certifications to LinkedIn?

Click the Me icon at the top of your LinkedIn homepage, then View profile. Click Add profile section in the introduction section. Click Background dropdown, then Licenses & certifications. In the Add licenses & certifications pop-up that appears, enter your information into the fields provided.

How do I add people to a LinkedIn event?

Attend a LinkedIn Online Event

  1. Click the Home icon at the top of your LinkedIn homepage.
  2. From the Interest panel on the left rail, click the Dropdown icon next to Events.
  3. Click on the name of the Event.
  4. Click Join.
  5. In the pop-up window that appears, click Open link.

How do I post a conference attending on LinkedIn?

Post an update that you’re attending the conference For bonus points, you could @mention the organizer or company hosting the event or people attending, or speakers, or vendors. Bonus tip: If the event has event-specific hashtags, include them in your post.

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How do you add talking hashtags to LinkedIn?

How to add hashtags to your LinkedIn article

  1. From the homepage, click Write an article under the update field.
  2. When you are ready, click Publish in the top right corner. A pop-up window will appear.
  3. In the Tell your network what your article is about field, add your relevant hashtags and intro copy.

Is it weird to send a LinkedIn request?

Do: Connect With People Right Away The longer you wait after the meeting, the less likely people are to remember you. So don’t feel weird—send that request.

How do you connect with someone on LinkedIn after a networking event?

Tips for Following Up With a Contact From a Networking Event

  1. Follow up within 24 hours. You want to follow up quickly so that the acquaintance remembers you.
  2. Mention a conversation from the event.
  3. Offer to help.
  4. Ask to meet up.
  5. Connect on LinkedIn.
  6. Edit, edit, edit.

How do you ask someone to add you on LinkedIn?

I’d love to add you as a connection – if you’re on LinkedIn, just click my profile image below and shoot me a request. I’ll accept it ASAP. If you’re prompted to put in my email, just use [Your email]. Look forward to connecting!

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