Majors For People Who Like Public Speaking And Working With Children?

Degree Paths That Lead to Working With Children

  • Education. Most graduates with an undergraduate degree in elementary education work as K-6 or K-8 teachers.
  • Counseling.
  • Nursing.
  • Social Work.
  • Speech-Language Pathology.
  • Psychology.
  • Library Science.
  • Nonprofit Management.

What should I major in if I like talking?

What you’d need: A bachelor’s degree in a field such as PR, journalism, communications, or English is a minimum. View a sample resume for a public relations manager and learn how to become a public relations specialist.

What potential careers involve working with children?

Here are 30 common job titles that include working with kids:

  • Cafeteria worker.
  • Teacher’s aide.
  • Crossing guard.
  • Camp director.
  • Family photographer.
  • Bus driver.
  • Nanny.
  • Children’s recreation coordinator.

What jobs require a lot of public speaking?

Actually Enjoy Public Speaking? Top 7 Careers for Crowd Pleasers

  • Spokesperson. You’ll get plenty of time in front of cameras and crowds as a spokesperson or press secretary.
  • Professor.
  • Speech Writer.
  • 4. News Anchor.
  • Politician.
  • Religious Leader.
  • Motivational Speaker.

What is the most wanted job in America?

Top 10 Most In-Demand USA Jobs

  • Registered Nurse.
  • Software Engineer.
  • Information Security Analyst.
  • Occupational Therapist.
  • Web Developer.
  • Data Scientist.
  • Operations Manager.
  • Diagnostic Medical Sonographer.
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What is a good job for someone who likes arguing?

Lawyer Jobs for Persuaders Attorneys give legal counsel to people and organizations, and represent them in legal proceedings. They need to be familiar with the law and have excellent debate skills. The results of many cases depend on how well the lawyers argue their clients’ cases.

What is the highest paid job in childcare?

Preschool or Child Care Center Director Directors manage the day-to-day operations of the child care center by overseeing staff, designing programs, and managing budgets. The top 10% of child care center directors earn $83,730.

What can I do if I am good at speaking?

If you love public speaking, then these are the best jobs that can take your career to new heights. Love Public Speaking? Go for these ‘Jobs’

  • Teacher.
  • Politician.
  • Motivational Speaker.
  • Lawyer.
  • 5. News Anchor.
  • Spokesperson.
  • Speech Writer.

What jobs dont require public speaking?

By combining the earnings rank and communication scores, we were able to identify high-paying jobs that don’t require a lot of communication.

  • Locomotive Engineers.
  • Mining Roof Bolters.
  • 12 (tie).
  • 12 (tie).
  • Loading Machine Operators, Underground Mining.
  • Podiatrists.
  • Dermatologists.
  • Mine Shuttle Car Operators.

Can you make a career out of public speaking?

Public speaking is a valuable skill to have in the workplace. Although many jobs may require some level of public speaking, there are some that make public speaking a strong focus. If you enjoy public speaking, you may want to consider a career where you’ll do a fair amount of it.

Which jobs will disappear by 2030?

5 jobs that will disappear by 2030

  • Travel agent. It amazes me that a travel agent is still a job in 2020.
  • Taxi drivers.
  • Store cashiers.
  • Fast food cooks.
  • Administrative legal jobs.
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What are the happiest careers?

31 of the happiest jobs

  • Teaching assistant.
  • Ultrasonographer.
  • Sound engineering technician.
  • Early childhood education teacher.
  • Esthetician.
  • Event planner.
  • Contractor.
  • Heavy equipment operator.

What careers will be in demand in 2022?

Some of the fastest projected growth will occur in the healthcare, healthcare support, construction, and personal care fields. Together, these four occupational groups are expected to account for more than 5.3 million new jobs by 2022, about one-third of the total employment growth.

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